The HSSD Wireless Network

WifiThe HSSD Wireless Network

The HSSD wireless network allows faculty, staff, students, and visitors of Hot Springs School District to access the Internet and network resources, such as email and the web, from many different locations on campus without having to plug in a network cable. This provides increased flexibility and productivity for members of the HSSD community.

HSSD-WiFi-N - The HSSD-WiFi-N network is currently only avaliable for HSSD faculty who have district owned wireless devices and laptops.

HSSD-Guest-N - The HSSD-Guest-N network is avaliable to all guests of HSSD and only allows access of internet resources such as web browsing and email.

If you are a guest of HSSD and would like access to our HSSD-Guest wireless network please Email Wireless Access or speak with the sites technology manager to request the current passphrase.