HSSD Initiates "One District, One Book".

The Hot Springs School District in conjunction with the School Superintendents Association (AASA) will be actively participating in a school solution program entitled One District, One Book for the upcoming year.  The idea behind the program is to have all families within the district reading the same high quality children's novel at the same time in the home together.  The project coordinates with a current district initiative "Read to a Child Twenty Minutes a Day", both of which are designed for creating a culture of literacy in every home.  The children's novel chosen for the literacy building program is "The World According to Humphrey".  It is a story as seen through the eyes of  a typical classroom pet, Humphrey the Hamster, as he explores life in not only the classroom, but weekend excursions with students and their families.  The story will cause you to view all classroom hamsters in a different light.  More information about the initiative will be rolling out to families and students in the very near future.