Millage Campaign Focuses On Facilities

The Hot Springs School District is asking patrons to increase the current millage rate by 4.4 new debt mills and extend the current debt mills through 2046 which will generate $54,215,000 for construction and renovation.  

District-wide improvements include:
  • Provide parents and community with four K-6 grades Magnet Schools with room for some Pre-K students to educate with high quality education
  • Provide parents with a new 7-12 campus that will be separated 7-9 and 10-12 grades to enhance security and minimize transitions
  • Provide great efficiency in transportation coasts and staffing by moving all campuses closer
  • Provide faster response times by police and fire departments due to closer campuses
  • New construction will allow future renovation and maintenance dollars to go to be applied to older schools for a larger impact
A new Langston K-6 Magnet School and new 7th-9th grade Hot Springs Junior High are included in the plans. Major renovations at the High School and current Middle and Oaklawn Magnet Schools will provide additional facility improvements.  These improvements will allow grade realignments for better facility usage and suitability of the magnet themes.  Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts Magnet would move to the current Middle School, while Gardner STEM would move to the current Oaklawn campus. The Intermediate School would be phased out over a two year period as the four elementary schools transition from K-4 to K-6 schools. Likewise, the building of the 7-9 Junior High would eliminate the Middle School grade levels.

Early voting is scheduled for September 13-19 at the Election Commission building.  The actual election day is September 20 with polling sites located at the Jones Building, Webb Center, and Hot Springs High School.

For more information, please contact Superintendent Dr. Mike Hernandez at 501-624-3372 or email at  A more descriptive explanation of the millage proposal can be found by visiting

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