Special Message from the Superintendent

The Hot Springs School District holds the safety of its staff and students' first and foremost. 

Following are the steps we have in place related to safety and security.

  • We have three full-time Resource Officers in the district trained to deal with school situations, who are well trained Hot Springs Police Officers.  The Resource Officers checked each building on Friday to determine if there were areas in our buildings that needed to be addressed concerning security.  Hot Springs Police Officers have done extensive training in our buildings and know them well.
  • All buildings have a copy of the HSSD School Emergencies - School Crisis Prevention & Intervention Plan, which includes dealing with guns on campus.  Principals and assistant principals have been asked to review  the Crisis Plan with their staffs.
  • Security Cameras (audio and video) are in each classroom and throughout the building as well as the outside perimeters.
  • All visitors to the building are required to sign in through the computer sign in system.
  • We have School Counselors as well as Community-Based Counselors who are available to work with students who may be experiencing anxiety due to these recent events.
The American Psychiatric Association provides recommendations for parents and caregivers throughout the country who will need to reassure our children through the following steps:
  • Create an open and supportive environment where children know they can ask questions.
  • Give honest answers and information. Use words and concepts they can understand.
  • Help children to find ways to express themselves and to know that people are there to help.  Remember also that children learn by watching parents and teachers react and listening to their conversations.
  • Don't let children watch too much television with frightening repetitious images.
  • Monitor for physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches or other pains.
Several additional resources are listed below for more information on how to help children cope with tragedy.
National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention
The Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress
The University of Maryland Center for School Mental Health
The National Institute of Mental Health
The Arkansas Department of Education
Dr. Tom Kimbrell (Commissioner of Education) has a message there and some helpful sites for parents